Microsoft Dynamics GP

Financial ingenuity for sound business growth

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives small to midsize businesses complete control over their finances, inventory, and business intelligence (BI) information within in an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. It helps drive decision-making processes and enabling your business to be more proactive and productive.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP ensures your team can:

  • Have more control. Anticipate change and be ready to profit from it by being completely up-to-date with the business assets, financial and cash flow management.
  • Have complete access for those who need it. Your team can work where they work best: at the office, at home, or on the road. Microsoft Dynamics can be run either in the cloud or on your on-premises deployments give you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business.
  • Improve decision making. Whether those plans be in marketing and sales or restructuring, businesses need a firm handle on the numbers first. With accurate and real-time data at a click, team members can execute plans faster and have confidence in the outcomes.
  • Cut costs. With our help, businesses can tailor their Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation to meet exact requirements, reducing wasted time and unnecessary staff input.
  • Increase sales. Clearly see fluctuations and be poised to take action. Put customers first and take advantage of insights faster and create profit.
  • Be more inclusive. Get access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data on your tablet or smartphone. Cutting edge cloud technology means teams stay on the same page and on the same numbers.
  • Be more efficient. Without having to worry about manual input and verification processes, team members can spend the time making deals and growing the business.
  • Access from anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics GP web client allows secure access to GP from anywhere.

How we help you get the best out of your finance software

At ST Consulting we:

  • Tailor your project to your business’ specific needs, reducing unnecessary function use, unused training and creating optimum user success.
  • Provide complete support through both our onsite and remote support facilities. We provide on-going support post implementation to ensure Microsoft Dynamics GP continues to serve the needs of the business.
  • Train team leaders to train others. With our ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes, Microsoft Dynamics GP users have the freedom to share their know-how, again reducing time and effort.

Is it time to refine your company’s financial management? Get in touch with us here to find out how ST Consulting can significantly improve your company’s financial operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP.