Agile software for an ever shifting landscape

The era of the customer.

Consumers no longer make purchases in the same ways they used to. They know more than ever before – making buying decisions before you can even engage. Marketing and Sales teams must adapt to these changes and reevaluate the customer journey within your company.

Dynamics CRM enables your organisation to connect with your customer at multiple levels. It is a complete customer relationship management system which provides optimum performance on four key levels: sales, marketing, customer service and social.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI drives sales and marketing productivity by making teams highly connected and collaborative so they can close more deals, faster.

What Are The Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


Microsoft Dynamics CRM can boost marketing team success by helping them to:

  • Plan, evaluate, and deliver target campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, which matches sales to leads faster than ever.
  • Be more creative with multi-channel marketing where customers can be reached across multiple touch-points on the go. Microsoft Social Listening allows you to monitor, manage and engage with your customers across social media.
  • Organise team engagement and communications more easily, reducing time wastage and distraction.
  • Take out the tedium of smaller repetitive tasks and enable a focus on wider goals.
  • Measure success with behavioural and marketing analytics.
    See how ClickDimensions for Dynamics CRM can help Marketing in your organisation here.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM can empower your business sales force by helping them to:

  • Expand targets by making more sales in fewer strokes with Microsoft
  • Dynamics CRM integrated sales intelligence.
  • Save time by fully automating the sales process, reducing administration and verification tasks.
  • Gain insight into leads, drivers, time charts and more.
  • Keep up with all facets of the sales process. Real-time dashboards allow a continual view of all data, communications, news and social media in one place on any device.
  • Stay in touch with customers effortlessly and time-appropriately, across print and digital platforms.

Find more information on how Microsoft Dynamics can help enhance your sales productivity within your business here.


Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your care department to:

  • Access and share key information plus any customer communications, avoiding on-going issues and delay.
  • Resolve complaints swiftly by keeping a clear customer profile and purchase history plus details of your care staff’s actions.
  • Create long-term profitability by enabling them to up-sell or cross-sell to an unconvinced customer so that they either return or recommend the service or product.
  • Anticipate customer care concerns by building awareness of regular or intermittent satisfaction issues.
  • Evaluate your service with analysis reports.

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  • Listen and monitor your social sentiment and know what is being said about your products and services
  • Get connected to the right people and share knowledge across teams in your organisation
  • Track information about your competitors
  • Analyse the data bought by social engagement from your dashboards to drill down social activity. Find more information on how to gain a social advantage here.

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