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44% of SMBs are looking to cloud-based CRM to give them greater flexibility and control of prospect and contact management, and at ST Consulting we can give you that edge.

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Take back control

5 warning signs you’ve outgrown Excel as a business management tool:

Letting leads turn cold due to lack of follow-up contact and nurturing

Missing deals and losing customers due to a lack of customer insight

Wasting time trying to find the latest customer information

Losing customers when salespeople leave the business

Inability to develop accurate forecasts

What Is Rapid Dynamics?

Rapid Dynamics is a Customer Relationship Management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that gives you total business control and flexibility.

Because it’s a cloud based solution, it’s available anywhere, at any time – and with ST Consulting it can be deployed in just 10 days.

In 10 days you could have a contact and pipeline management solution connected directly to Outlook making the management of contacts seamless, allowing you to run effective marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and strengthen relationships.

Interested? There’s even more:

As a solution designed for growing businesses, our teams will implement Rapid Dynamics CRM for a fixed price and then a simple monthly payment, helping keep cash flow in good order.


Be more productive, win more deals, and grow your business in the cloud.

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Our Approach

From the first consultation we arrange with our clients, we take a long-term approach to our role. We aim to add lasting value to all aspects of their business, from the kind of software required down to the appropriate level of consulting needed to achieve fast and effective results.

Tailored service

We help our clients both to determine their software requirements and to implement them as they would want to use them. We remain flexible as we want to ensure that they have the tools they need for measurable success.

Contact with the same support consultant

We agree that amongst many things, having to explain a problem twice is frustrating and time-consuming. We therefore have a policy of rotating our helpdesk consultants which helps us to maintain both a consultative approach to the problem, and an all-round familiarity of the case details. We find that this structure fast-tracks solutions on both sides.

We use the same software to manage our business

We use the very same software products to manage our own work flow and stay in contact with our clients, every step of the way. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us to manage our support cases, create clear client profiles plus contact them conveniently, so that they always know what stage of the resolution we’re at. Microsoft Dynamics GP drives all aspects of our financial information including project timesheets and billing. Both systems form the foundation of our reporting to you.

We provide confirmation of progress

Our own effective task management via Microsoft Dynamics allows us to stay in touch with our clients clearly and easily, ensuring that they stay abreast of the progress and can focus on their own tasks without concern.

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Ministry Of Sound

We were quickly convinced of ST Consulting’s Microsoft Dynamics product expertise. They also demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and our needs. We knew that they would work closely with us to meet these needs.

James Bacchus, Head of Operations
Ministry Of Sound
The Oddfellows Group

The ST Consulting team had an understanding of what we were trying to achieve and made some excellent suggestions – they weren’t just out to sell us a system. There was a definite meeting of minds and we felt very comfortable working with them.

Jane Nelson, Chief Executive
The Oddfellows Group
19 Aug 16
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