A Seller’s Best friend, and Why You Need it Around.

For most managers, getting your sales guys to use a CRM correctly and consistently is like pulling teeth, seriously. Almost every day, you remind your reps to keep track of activities by populating data into the CRM, but they’re just not doing it. They drag their feet, tell you it takes too much time, and say they’d prefer going back to the simpler way of selling without software.

Their huge mural of post-it notes saying Call back John @ 4:00PM

To all the sales guys not taking advantage of CRM: the poor old thing called CRM that no one seems to give the time of day is not your enemy. It’s your friend, your best friend. It’ll put up with your notes, it will never judge you on your multiple commitments to different prospects, It’ll consistently remind you of important things, put up with your email chains, and will never show up late to another appointment.

I’m not saying a CRM solution is a good fit for you right now, but it may be worthwhile learning more about CRM systems for the long run.

I host webinars on Friday, so swing on by to learn more about a CRM solution that will be your best friend.

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