About ST Consulting

Founded in 2002, ST Consulting builds IT solutions that allows organisations to accelerate growth, improve efficiency and decrease risk. We use Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the basis of our solutions. Our services include pre sales assistance, implementation, training and support for Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM.

We are a Gold Microsoft Partner specialising in customer relationship management systems (CRM) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) for small and medium-sized organisations. We work to help and guide you with your CRM or ERP system by our process of implementation, training and support. We are expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants and helping your business work better is the foundation of our service, providing you with state-of-the-art systems.

We work with both SMEs and with larger corporate companies including FTSE 100 listed companies, contact us to learn more about our implementations in your industry.

Our office is in the City of London, right in between the Moorgate and Old Street tube stations. Pop in to meet our team if you’re in the area.

Our people make it happen

New technology, software and processes are only part of the answer, the key ingredient to a successful implementation is the people who deliver it. That’s why we hire people who have worked as users before becoming Dynamics consultants. Our consultants all understand the issues you’re facing, and how to help you.

The combination of many years worth of industry knowledge and experience with fresh-thinking employees allows us to deliver the best solution for our clients. Our commitment to investing in our skills, our consulting quality and our systems is second to none.

Management Team

ST Consulting is owned by its management team who have built this consultancy from the ground up. Founded by previous CRM and ERP consultants, technology and Microsoft Dynamics runs through the company’s veins.

With our rapid growth in recent years, we have expanded the team to consist of over 20 trained and qualified CRM and ERP consultants. We look after our team by having constant opportunities for self-development alongside plenty of room and encouragement for ideas to evolve our work processes.


Entertainment Industry

Our Media and Entertainment solutions built on Dynamics GP and CRM help you manage lead generation, opportunity management right through to customer support and streamlined billing and 360 degree reporting.

Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP are highly recommended in helping professional services organisations to both to manage their sales and timesheets, expenses and project finances efficiently.

Financial Services

We understand that security and transparency are key in this sector, and with our expertise we can ensure absolute confidence managing any sub-sector whether it be Insurance, Accounting, Banking or Investments.

Not for Profit

Our software implementation and support connects a large number of users across multiple locations and levels, allowing you to keep up with contractors, managers, employees and operatives at every stage.

Our Approach

From the first consultation we arrange with our clients, we take a long-term approach to our role. We aim to add lasting value to all aspects of their business, from the kind of software required down to the appropriate level of consulting needed to achieve fast and effective results.

Tailored service

We help our clients both to determine their software requirements and to implement them as they would want to use them. We remain flexible as we want to ensure that they have the tools they need for measurable success.

Contact with the same support consultant

We agree that amongst many things, having to explain a problem twice is frustrating and time-consuming. We therefore have a policy of rotating our helpdesk consultants which helps us to maintain both a consultative approach to the problem, and an all-round familiarity of the case details. We find that this structure fast-tracks solutions on both sides.

We use the same software to manage our business

We use the very same software products to manage our own work flow and stay in contact with our clients, every step of the way. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us to manage our support cases, create clear client profiles plus contact them conveniently, so that they always know what stage of the resolution we’re at. Microsoft Dynamics GP drives all aspects of our financial information including project timesheets and billing. Both systems form the foundation of our reporting to you.

We provide confirmation of progress

Our own effective task management via Microsoft Dynamics allows us to stay in touch with our clients clearly and easily, ensuring that they stay abreast of the progress and can focus on their own tasks without concern.

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